Noodle Pie



I like this book because the end of the last chapter, I really thought it was quite interesting because the boy Andy had to apologise to his Aunty Mo about the thing he did wrong.

It’s about a boy and his family going to Vietnam.

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Caffeine is a stimulant which means it speeds up activity in the brain. Having a lot of caffeine can cause headaches, more trips to the toilet to pass urine, restlessness, muscle twitches, nervousness, high blood pressure, depression, upset stomachs and sleeping problem.

People who use caffeine over a long time can become dependent on it and may get headaches and become tired and cranky when they don’t have it.

This information is from School Drug Department Education WA 2012

My Free Verse Poem

Free Verse Poem
I am a person that is scared of the dark
I can see people shouting around me
I don’t like it when people make fun of me when I’m scared of the dark.
When the light is off I heard a very loud BANG & a CRACK!!!!!!

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I Am Poem


I am a girl
I wonder how much I am loved
I hear my parents talking at night
I see myself lying in my bed
I want to play my iPod, but I can’t
I am a girl

I pretend I’m counting sheep
I feel myself hugging my toy
I touch my mum when I’m cuddling her
I worry about things that make me upset
I cry when my brother takes something off me
I am a girl

I understand how my family feels
I say sorry when I do something wrong
I dream about going to America with my nan
I try new things with my mum and dad
I hope I’m always good
I am a girl

Tanka Poems

The pigs are dirty
Pigs love playing in the mud
Pigs love eating corn
The farmer adores his pigs
The farmer loves his pet pigs

My friend is Zoe
She loves playing with others
I like the way she is kind
She is very respectful
She is a wonderful friend

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Morris Gleitzman

Line 2: funny, loves reading, loves to teach other schools,discovers new books
Line 3: brother of Nick and Melanie,
Line 4: Lover of books, children and his own family
Line 5: Who feels happy, excited, good
Line 6: Who needs to create more books often,write more books to children often, be more creativity
Line 7: Who gives great ideas,happiness,joyful
Line 8: Who fears no books,No lightening, sadness
Line 9: Who would like to see his whole family in the world,
Line 10: Who live Australia
Line 11: Gleitzman

My favourite Stuff


Who loves going rollerblading, because I love rollerblading and even though I have my own pair at my house and my dad bought me rollerblades for my 10th birthday!!!

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Autumn’s Changing

Writing 15/4/15
I was outside playing with my friends and we were playing tag, just a minute ago we saw leaves falling off all 5 trees in our backyard, so we went over to 1 tree and were wondering why leaves were falling off the tree and then the leaves started to change colour, so our mum came outside and told us that it was Autumn so that’s why leaves have been falling down and changing colours.image


Who’s already happy that their back at school today and yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!,!!!!!!!!!!!